Monday, September 29, 2008

Sometimes I Forget

Yesterday, it was baptism time at The Village...I mean, they don't call it "Baptism Time"...they just don't do it every Sunday, so it was special. One of the girls in my new small group was being baptized and I was so glad to be able to watch her make her "PSA for Christ" (public service announcement;)

I remember the day I got baptized. It was May 1st, 1994. I was 12 and I was some kinda Jesus freak...I'm not kidding...I was always talking about it and to whoever would listen...I'm pretty sure I got my black and white Shi-tzu, Duke, to give his little doggie life over to the Lord:)

Sitting there yesterday, listening to the sweet testimonies of 6 people before their immersion was so sweet. I tried to remember what I said at 12...not being much of a public speaker at that nerves grabbed hold tight and all I could really muster up was something along the lines of, "Jesus Rocks!"...not my finest moment, but it spurred on quite a bit of laughter.

I remember exactly how I felt that day. Yesterday, after all 6 had engaged in that beautiful symbolism, Matt said something that kind of resonated with me...when Christ reveals Himself to you, why would you choose any other way?

I really don't know why anyone would choose any other way once that happens and I love that I don't know. I would almost opt to use the word lucky in this case, but I don't like the word lucky, because luck is just a word created to mask what is really happening...God's favor. Thinking about how 17 years ago at the very young age of 9, Christ really took hold of my heart, all that I can express in words is overwhelming thankfulness. Sometimes I forget where I am...sometimes I forget how long it's been since I came alive in Christ...sometimes I just forget how to behave like that happened.



The Blowey Bunch said...

I can always count on you for som sweet spiritual reminising....i can't even spell the word. And so great tunes. Check out Likkee Li and tell me what you think :)

Leah Dooley said...

I wish I couldn't relate, but I can. All to well. Forget what I am, who I am in Christ and what that requires of me. I crave that "Jesus Rocks" passion.