Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Refreshed in Memory

Every now and again, a sweet memory will replay vividly in my mind in response to a smell or a sound or a song. Whatever the case may be, I love it when it God scribbled it down on a post-it note and left it somewhere tucked away for me to find. I found it last week, the memory that is, and it moved me to change.

I think it was the way the air smelt that day coupled with the way the leaves were moving on the ground. It took me back to Lubbock, nearly four years ago and reminded me of how my life began to change in a way I never imagined. I remember driving down University, watching the trees sway in the ever-present breeze and not soon enough reaching my destination.

I turned the corner of that crazy Coffee Haus and saw Amy Cooper's smiling spirit. She was ready for our quiet time. Every morning before class, we would sit and have our quiet time separately, but at the same table and then we would talk about what God had just revealed or had been collectively revealing to us. The countless times we did so, stirred such a radical change in my be better, to study the Word harder, to act on what I was charged with.

Every time Amy and I parted ways, I wasn't thinking about me or about Amy. I was thinking about how I could develop a stronger relationship with Christ. I think there are few people who can leave you like that. And, even now, everytime I leave Amy & Nick, I feel the same way...tallying up the ways I need to change to further the kingdom.

In that moment, God really shook me into reflection. Am I being one of those people? Someone who makes others want to change for the better? Who encourages others when I don't even say anything? And even more I shaping into a woman worthy of what I'm holding out for...a man who can be a spiritual leader?

In the mere minutes it took to recount that memory, God gave me some perspective on my relationships. Plain and simple, I need to be that person...the one who I admire so much...the one who can make me think deep and want to press deep into Christ. In the midst of all this, a close friend and I were talking on the phone the other night and I gave her this one piece of advice in regards to all relationships...

If you leave time spent with someone and feel like glorifying that person, reduce the time you spend with that person. But, if you leave time spent with someone and feel like glorifying God, increase the amount of time you spend with that person and learn how to be that for everyone you meet.




Ali said...

I can totally relate to this post...I love you and miss you.