Sunday, March 15, 2009

Doctor Apes to the Rescue

So,Lily has abusive relationships with all of her in point, Raff-e, her giraffe. Many a time, I've had to sew up gashes in Monkey or Piggy. Raff-e has even had a couple of surgeries, but this weekend Lily took her Chris Brown actin' self to a new level. Raff-e's leg was hangin' on by a mere thread and I tried desperately to save the leg as Lily looked on in anticipation. 2 minutes of stitching later and I had to make the call...the leg would have to go. The emergency amputation was a sucess...Raff-e is now the new and improved, 3-legged giraffe and from the looks of it, Lily has no intention of keeping any of his other limbs intact!

Raff-e in surgery

Lily patiently waiting for Raff-e to recover

The happy patient...till he's attacked again!

Happy Lily...up to her abusive behavior again...I guess Raff-e deserves it for his relentless squeaking:)

Dr. Apes

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are we all being punked?

Countless times over the past couple of weeks, I keep thinking Ashton Kutcher himself is about to pop out of Octomom's belly to tell me that I'm being punked! The words, "You've got to be kidding me" have come out of my mouth more times than babies have come out of Octomom...okay, okay enough with the Octomom.

But, seriously, The've got be kidding me!! Unbelievably dare ABC distract me with it's Deanna embellished promos to trick me into believing that because Jason was done wrong, he has the right to do wrong. I wanted to whisper something under my breath too Melissa!!

Joaquin, one believes you are quitting acting to become a rapper. You are walking the line between just plain ridiculous and seriously drugged've got to be kidding me. Octomom...nuff said...I referred to her already. And, last, but certainly not least, Latreasa Goodman...calling 911 3 times to report a crime because you didn't get your chicken mcnuggets...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! In case you haven't heard about this one folks, it's a doosy....I have the audio video here...

"She are the manager"...oh geez.