Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julie Andrews...will you sing this for me?

So, Emily and her friend, Holly, had the idea for a handful of peeps to blog a list of ten of our "must-haves" or as Julie Andrews would say...a few of my favorite things in no order whatsoever.

1. my sketchbook
my secret passion...something I've been doing since I was 5 years old...i hide in it sometimes to remind me of me

2. crosswords
I know, I'm a grandma...but I'm preventing dementia by doing so, and I'll be laughing at you all when you can't remember anything...ha suckas! Oh, and I do them so often, I only use pen.

3. guitar hero
and Rock Band for that matter, but the former will always be my first love cause' Amy Cooper and I go crazy over "One" by Metallica

4. felicity
If I were an addict, Felicity would be my drug of choice. It's gotten me through some hard times and I'm proud to say I've watched all 4 seasons completely through at least 5 times...yeah, that good!

5. movie popcorn
I don't even know how to explain my obession with this goes. Popcorn is my favorite food...I'd eat it all the time if I could and I've been known to eat it as a meal on more than 100 occasions. My mom also shares this crazy passion...we love movie popcorn so much that we used to go to the movies, buy popcorn and leave just to have it at home:) (and yes, I put up Keri Russell from Felicity eating popcorn)

6. rhapsody
I have reason to believe Rhapsody kicks itunes in the face and other unmentionable parts. It keeps me connected to all things musically delicious.

7. the elliptical machine
keeping me bootylicious since 2004

8. iced coffee
from anywhere...Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts,'s amazing!

9. the straightening iron
I no longer have to wash my hair every single minute thanks to this little puppy.

10. post-it notes
Oh, you little color-coded emulicified keepers of my thoughts!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quarter-Life Crisis

I'm completely convinced that our 20's will be the most difficult time in our lives. I'm a little over half way through them and it still feels like the heartache, loneliness and confusion remain victorious in their relentless pursuit to beat me to an emotional pulp.

I'm also convinced you can't avoid simply have to cling to the hope that Christ will simply get you through them and on the other side with an increased amount of self-realization.

So, in order to remind myself of that far-off outcome in the midst of the chaos, I decided to write some notes to my future self, which you actually can do at type em' in and set a's one of mine...

Dear December 12th Future Me (6 months away),
Remember 6 months ago when you moved to Dallas, because you hated Lubbock, but then totally ended up hating Dallas too? Well, bask in all that is good now, because you know you totally love it now. Just remember from here on out that no decision you make on your own is a poor decision.

You better be in a better job or at least have tried super hard to get one. You also better be admiring your Charlie Brown christmas tree you didn't put up last year during another seemingly large crisis...unemployment. Now, see you got out of that didn't you?! Remember to buy mom and dad something really great for Christmas since they basically snatch you out of danger with their crazy grace everytime you decide to take a leap without looking.

Start packing for your super-sweet New Year's Vegas trip and please remember that you are prone to addictive behavior...try not to do anything that future future you wouldn't like, but have a kick a@# time! Tell everyone you love that you really's worth it.

Jacked-up and confused present April

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Likened to a Snarling Dog

So, you know how I told you vaguely how I met this stranger at my apartment complex who was ready and willing to take over my lease? Well, he backed out!

This happened a little over a week ago, but I wasn't sure I was ready to blog about it...the anger may have come out in words too inappropriate for your dear eyes. I guess now I'm ready. Long story short, I'm screwed. Okay, maybe I'm not fully over it. I had already signed a lease at a new apartment by the time he decided to back out on me. So, now I'm stuck with a big fat breaking my lease fee...I won't even tell you how much it might hurt your eyes more than the inappropriate words I was talking about using.......yeah, that bad!

The reason I decided to share is because twice in one day, I heard the following phrase..."Well, it just goes to show that you can't trust ANYONE". In the heat of moment, I think I nodded, but I got to thinking...what makes someone such a cynic?? Then I got to really I a cynic? Sometimes I know I am. Sometimes I wish I were...just to make me a little harder...a little less sensitive...a little less trusting.

I looked up the word cynic and my favorite definition was "resembling that of a snarling dog". It made sense to think of quite possibly the most loyal animal on the planet becoming angry and totally distrusting. That's a cynic. That's what happened to this one trusts anyone anymore. What ever happened to "my word is stronger than oak"?

I don't know...maybe I should have been a cynic in the apartment scenario. But, I don't want to be likened to a snarling dog, no matter how much money I have to pay for believing in the good nature of human beings. Maybe that makes me naive...gullible even...but...

...isn't that what it's all about anyway? Giving someone else the confidence that you believe they can be better than they've chosen to be and still believing in them even when they choose not to?

That's the Gospel suckas...straight up love and grace!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today on the MSN home page, one of the little subtitles was "Tips to Getting Rid of 'moobs'". I laughed so hard my "landles" handles;)