Monday, January 12, 2009

Booth Mates

About a handful of times in my life, I've had the immense pleasure of being immersed in unusual circumstances wherein lie beautiful relationships that I would have never been able to form if not thrown into that given place or time. The past four days have been such a time as this.

9 months ago, I was employed by Sugarek Marketing Group. Little did I know, I was also being employed by Game Chef, a "spicy" little company specializing in seasonings for wild game. Thursday through Sunday, I had to work a trade show put on by the Dallas Safari Club, for Game Chef. I have to admit, I was dreading it...I mean, a room full of mounted animals, a sea of green and khaki draped hunters, a scope here, a safari get the idea...and I was thinking of backing out.

I'm so glad I didn't. Thursday morning at 10 am, Lisa, Judy, Bob, Jude and Darla came to whisk me away in experience. We all became fast friends in a way only "booth mates", as Lisa would say in her intoxicating Australian accent, can. Somewhere between admiring Judy and Bob's envy-invoking Missouri love (they're 65 and 63 respectively, and it's a pleasure watching such love) and our afternoon tea time (thanks to Lisa's travel kettle), I realized what was happening. I often forget that every really good friendship and relationship begins with perfect strangers.

32 hours spent together later...more or less...and I was sad. Time began to whittle away at my heart as the booths were disassembled, as the stuffed deer and lions were hauled out and the quiet roar of people getting to know one another faded. We had sold all we could, but no price could be put on the deep admiration and care that had filled our souls. I've gone and gotten mushy, but I'm writing this a full day after not being with them. By now they are all in thier respective states and I miss them.

Here are some of what I hope to be first of many pictures together in the years to come...

All the girls...Judy, Lisa, Darla, me and Ames (she came on Sat. and Sun. to help me)

Lisa, me and Judy (isn't Judy a little hottie? Lisa and I kept
saying she was probably super hot in her younger days)

Another of us farther away in Lisa's booth

Judy, me and them!


Mandy said...

awww fun times! and I mean it! I kind of wish I had gone with my parents. They went and I told them to look for you. My mom said she only saw one seasoning booth and an older couple was there. Love the story :)

Leah Dooley said...

Where in Missouri did that couple live?