Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, I've officially given in to the teen craze that is High School Musical and as you can see by the acronymed title, I really like it...cause you only refer to it as HSM if your a freak and that I am my HSM freak!

It all started one cloudy Saturday afternoon when my roommate casually mentioned that she secretly always wanted to watch them...them, being HSM1 and HSM2...I took the opportunity to confess as well. We drove straight to Blockbuster and rented shamelessly. We sat their in our cave-like apartment watching all that is cheesy, not answering phone calls...staring at Zac Efron!!!

After that, it was hard not to want to break out in dance at any given moment. Fast forward to last night. We really wanted to see HSM3 in the theatre since we hadn't seen the other two on the big screen, but hardly any theatres were showing it anymore. Fortunately, there was one theatre in Plano that was showing it, so we drove to the 9:15 showing. I think Monday may be the slowest movie-watching night of the week...we had the entire theatre to ourselves and let me just tell was magical. The dancing...the singing...the Zac Efron-ess (gasp...hawwwt!)

If you haven't given in...just give know you wanna! I'm going to burst into a choreographed dance right now...see ya!!!



Ali said...

I love you so much right now.