Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running the Race

If you know you me at all, you know I'm not much of a takes a lot to make my eyes sweat, but for some reason the weirdest things will just get me. Case in point...the Olympics.

I was in my car last week and I heard this commercial on the radio advertising the Olympic opening ceremony....the music pitch perfectly dramatic...the voice so commanding...and I freakin started crying. It actually kind of surprised me how emotional I got.

Well, it was only the beginning. I seem to be more emotional with every passing event. And, I got to thinking about why it hits me so hard and I figured it out. It's the coming together of people so culturally different yet so alike in the pursuit of one goal...perfection.

It makes me think about the beauty of Christ and how so many people can unite under the covering of his blood...despite any cultural or political differences...for one look more and more like our PERFECT Saviour.

The Olympics always get me charged up to do what I the race as hard as I can. Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I get lazy. Sometimes I forget I'm in a race at all. The Olympics have placed a healthy amount of conviction on my soul about being more disiplined in my daily focus on the task at represent effectively who Christ has made me through Him!

The sweetness of it all is that He won the gold for me already. All I have to do is stand on the podium and give Him the glory.


Leah Dooley said...

sweet words.

Emily said...

aww, good word, my friend.

Ali said...

I loved this! Thanks!