Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julie Andrews...will you sing this for me?

So, Emily and her friend, Holly, had the idea for a handful of peeps to blog a list of ten of our "must-haves" or as Julie Andrews would say...a few of my favorite things in no order whatsoever.

1. my sketchbook
my secret passion...something I've been doing since I was 5 years old...i hide in it sometimes to remind me of me

2. crosswords
I know, I'm a grandma...but I'm preventing dementia by doing so, and I'll be laughing at you all when you can't remember anything...ha suckas! Oh, and I do them so often, I only use pen.

3. guitar hero
and Rock Band for that matter, but the former will always be my first love cause' Amy Cooper and I go crazy over "One" by Metallica

4. felicity
If I were an addict, Felicity would be my drug of choice. It's gotten me through some hard times and I'm proud to say I've watched all 4 seasons completely through at least 5 times...yeah, that good!

5. movie popcorn
I don't even know how to explain my obession with this goes. Popcorn is my favorite food...I'd eat it all the time if I could and I've been known to eat it as a meal on more than 100 occasions. My mom also shares this crazy passion...we love movie popcorn so much that we used to go to the movies, buy popcorn and leave just to have it at home:) (and yes, I put up Keri Russell from Felicity eating popcorn)

6. rhapsody
I have reason to believe Rhapsody kicks itunes in the face and other unmentionable parts. It keeps me connected to all things musically delicious.

7. the elliptical machine
keeping me bootylicious since 2004

8. iced coffee
from anywhere...Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts,'s amazing!

9. the straightening iron
I no longer have to wash my hair every single minute thanks to this little puppy.

10. post-it notes
Oh, you little color-coded emulicified keepers of my thoughts!


plastic said...

LOVE IT!!! i'm so glad you posted this. woohoo!

Jason and Stephanie Trook said...

Umm, couldn't agree more with the Chi! Hope you're doing well. We miss you!

Emily said...

i just read your post again. AND the popcorn thing reminded me of the time we saw mama josie at the movies. she was her popcorn in her bouffant hair, for sure!

Michael said...

no way all of your favorite things to do are MY favorite things to do too! -nacho libre.

seriously, you have GREAT taste in ... stuff!! :)

Michael said...

oops my bad, i was signed in as my brother michael. (this is stephanie o.) love your list of faves! :0)